lunes, 20 de octubre de 2008

Model Secrets

The main thing is quite obviously to look as good as possible! Now that is hardly a model secret, but what it means is that you must be on top form at all times. Often, a lot can be told of the quality and level of success by the state of her body grooming.
This includes feet being in great shape, filed, shaped, no cuticles, rough skin removed, with a clear or neutral polish - no need for coloured as often on shoots this will need to be removed. Hands must also be in good nick, once again bright nail polish is not needed, just a good level of maintenance. All body hair must be under control, meaning underarm, bikini and leg has to all but go within reason! Basically, you need to be in a constant state of preparation to take your clothes of at any point! This is not in a seedy way but in a professional one.

At many castings you may need to be seen in a bikini to check your body, and at shoots, clients don't have time to sort out manky unlooked after feet or bikini lines. It is unacceptable to arrive at any modeling related casting or job in less than a pretty much perfect state. Don't leave all of this until the last minute. You never know when you will have to leave the house for a casting for a great job or even for a direct booking for a trip. Do all of the above and you give yourself a fighting chance of being booked or rebooked.

Modeling is a professional job that you expect to be treated well and paid well for and in return you must provide a superior service as with any other job.

Other essentials are nude or flesh coloured bras (padded and none padded) and knickers and g strings. Most models wear then all the time as they are the most effective to be disguised under both white and coloured clothing. You should always carry them in your bag or wear them. Turning up in pink frilly knickers won't win you friends or clients!

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