lunes, 13 de octubre de 2008

Glamour Modeling

This is a whole side of the industry that I am not all that familiar with. However, this is for a reason as I decided very early on that I was not comfortable with baring my breasts in the name of fashion. Also, it became apparent that ‘glamour modeling’ was not all that ‘glamorous’! Cold studios, compromising positions and hot gossip for your old school friends never really appealed! However, some girls do have positive experiences and can crack the market, the most successful today being British glamour model Jordan (aka Katie Price). However, this (like a glamour fashion model) is very rare and I have noticed that most girls that start doing well from this field aim to move out of it and into something else (usually tv presenting for some reason?) ASAP! Please note the added safety and security risks of this line of modeling due to the nature of undressing for a living. Exercise triple vigilance!

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